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ZPMC Techcon Resources (M) Sdn. Bhd.


ZPMC is a dynamic business technology consulting company established in Malaysia since 2003. As a provider in the field of integrated business, technology and process solutions, ZPMC has successfully penetrated and built strong strategic partnership with local government agencies and other public-sectors organizations.


At ZPMC, we are committed to conduct a business technology research and development (R&D) so as to develop robust and scalable solutions for improved organization effectiveness and efficiency particularly in the government or private sector.


Traditional government and private-sector organizations can be redesigned to perform more successfully even noticeably when market forces are lacking. In country such as Malaysia, we saw phenomenal changes in recent years with regards to privatizing state-owned monopolies while deregulation continues to take place. Hence economic activities of such nature formerly not active or unheard of are now rapidly gathering momentum as government looks at renewing issues, that is, budget spending as well as increasing productivity or output.



At ZPMC, we align our focus with the needs of our client, vis-à-vis our government who has come a long way in the development and deployment of technology. Technology per say, will continue to be the key agenda in the development and the sustaining of our economic growth. It is expected that through rapid technology development or capability and capacity, Malaysia will position itself strategically as the technology hub in this region, and competitively competent in this globalize economy.


Led by a committed and dedicated team at ZPMC, we are proficient and capable of providing these public-sector organizations with the domain knowledge, skills, technical know-how and human capital, to simply to make it happen.

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